Home automation Tunisia: connect your home

The smart home allows you to control connected objects and electrical installations for maximum comfort. Our specialists offer personalized services to enable you to create a connected home at the cutting edge of technology.

Centralized management

Energy savings

Automation of scenarios

Bespoke products

With a long experience, Domelec’s professionals offer a range of custom products from all your electrical installations.

Whatever the nature of the building, your plans to install an alarm system, lighting system and electrical pipe are taken care of.

Alarm system

Whether it’s a video surveillance system, a fire alarm or a pool alarm, our professionals offer you the perfect solution to ensure the safety of your belongings and loved ones.

Industrial lighting

Whether it’s offices, workspaces, hospitals, educational facilities or shopping malls, our specialists provide lighting systems adapted to the nature of the building.

Electrical pipeline

Our experts offer you the electrical piping systems that are best suited to your needs. We offer modern and tested systems in the harshest environments offering optimal performance.

Installing automatic doors

portail battant
Portails automatiques battants ou coulissants adaptés à vos besoins et vos contraintes.

Automatic portals

We ensure the installation of automatic gates to ensure your comfort and safety.

porte de garage
Portes de garage sectionnelles ou basculantes adaptées à vos espaces restreints.

Garage doors

We take care of the installation of automatic garage doors suitable for your restricted spaces.

barrière d'accès
Des barrières d’accès automatiques pour un accès restreint limités aux personnes authentifiées.

Access barrier

We take care of the installation of automatic access barriers to secure your properties.

Smart homes in Tunisia

Your smart home allows you to create scenarios to automate light ignition, heating and cooling systems, opening and closing of rolling shutters, etc.

All your electrical appliances are synchronized and managed remotely via a connected home automation plant to ensure your comfort and well-being.

Opt for a connected home now!

We will be happy to study your connected home projects in Tunisia and offer you state-of-the-art solutions.

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