Installing alarm system for safety

Installing a home alarm system allows you to secure it from burglaries and protect your family from accidents. The intervention of a specialized professional allows you to choose your alarm system well and install it well to live in complete serenity.

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Installing an alarm system to prevent intrusions

The anti-intrusion alarm system could be your main line of defense against burglaries. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, this system helps to secure your home from criminals by means of motion sensors, for example.

This system lets you know if an unauthorized person is trying to break into your home while you are away or when you are sleeping.

Thanks to an alarm centre, it is possible to monitor your security system remotely with your smartphone or tablet and to notify law enforcement in time.

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The implementation of a video surveillance device

It’s the most common security system. Installing surveillance cameras helps secure your building from break-ins and burglars, but also provides remote monitoring of your children in your absence.

By opting for a video surveillance system, you can monitor your building in real time from any location.




Setting up a fire detection system

Whether it’s a home or a professional space, the installation of a smoke alarm is essential to prevent fires.

Such a system allows you to protect your property and the people who occupy the building by intervening as soon as smoke has been detected.

The fire detection system works day and night, whether you’re on site or not, to prevent any disaster from happening.




The configuration of an anti-gas alarm

Gas leaks can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal. Preventing them helps you keep your family healthy and eliminate the risk of explosions or fires.

Installing an anti-gas alarm allows you to detect the abnormal presence of gas (usually butane and propane) in the ambient air of your home and to act by aerating rooms or evacuating the home.




Pool alarm system installation

If your home is equipped with a swimming pool and you have small children, it would be appropriate to consider installing a pool alarm system.

The pool alarm warns you to intervene when your child or anyone else has just fallen into the pool. This system detects abnormal agitations of pool water and is triggered to prompt urgent action.




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