Install an automatic door and ensure comfort and safety!

For your connected home project, automatic doors are not a luxury. It’s a technology that allows you to control the opening and closing of your doors and gates remotely. This solution allows you to avoid leaving your car to open the garage or to move to open the door to visitors. Coupled with intercom or video calling systems, the automatic door ensures your comfort and safety.

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Install an automatic flying gate

Compared to manual portals, automatic swinging portals have many advantages. In bad weather; rain, snow or wind, you will no longer need to leave your vehicle to open the gate to your home. A remote control allows you to control it remotely in complete serenity.

On the security side, automatic swinging gates have a remote locking system, similar to that of the car, which allows you to secure your home without having to move.

To ensure more security, we can install automatic swinging gates with alarm systems or coupled with your video surveillance system, thus protecting your building from intrusions during your absence or even in your presence.

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Opt for an automated sliding portal

If you prefer to opt for an automated sliding portal, we can offer you the most suitable solution for your situation.

This type of automatic door does not clutter the space, which makes this device the ideal solution if you have little space at the entrance to your building.

With a smooth engine and a remote control system, your automatic sliding gate provides comfort and more security.

In addition, your sliding gate can be equipped with reprogrammable sensors that detect the receivers on your vehicle. This triggers the portal to open as soon as you approach the entrance without having to use a remote control.

Connected to your central monitoring system, your automatic sliding gate adds a second layer of security to your property.




porte de garage

Choose a sectional or tilting garage door

Depending on your preferences and the space you have, you can opt for a sectional or tilting garage door. Not bulky, they fit perfectly into small spaces.

We offer automatic sectional or tilting garage doors to ensure your comfort and enhance your safety.

They can be equipped with receivers to control them remotely or sensors to operate in the most autonomous way.

This type of door provides more security due to their resistance to burglaries and intrusions. Keep your vehicle safe!



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Remote or automatic access barrier

Ideal for residences, car parks or construction sites, automatic access barriers allow to limit access to authenticated people.

Equipped with an electronic system to detect and identify vehicles, access barriers act as a gatekeeper that allows access only to eligible persons.

This system allows you to secure your property and organize access without the need for human intervention. It works day and night, 7 days / 7, winter and summer to ensure your comfort and safety.

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