Call on professionals to install any type of industrial lighting

The installation of a lighting system in its industrial or institutional premises requires the intervention of professionals in the field. They design a bespoke system that meets the organization’s needs in terms of efficiency, energy consumption and profitability.

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sLighting for Educational Institutions


Lighting adapted to the industrial environment

The lighting system of the industrial environment must first and foremost be adapted to this environment. It must withstand moisture, dust, corrosion and other environmental stresses in this environment.

The adaptation of the lighting system to the industrial environment in which it is installed ensures the safety of operators and different stakeholders, visual comfort and optimizes productivity by creating a homogeneous and adapted environment.




Lighting for offices and workspaces

Each workspace is specific. For this reason, the needs and constraints of each space must be studied before any lighting system installation project can begin.

Our professionals are able to offer you tailor-made solutions that ensure the lighting of your office in the best conditions while respecting budgetary constraints and specific needs.


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Lighting for hospital settings

Hospitals and hospitals in general have specific lighting needs. The installation of a specification allows the design of an adapted lighting system.

Our specialists study the project, design and install lighting systems in hospital settings to create the best atmospheres for caregivers and patients.

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eAdapted to needs


Lighting systems for shopping malls

Large shopping malls are spaces that require a specific and adaptive lighting system.

The installation of electrical circuits must take into account the needs of different merchants as well as consumers. It needs to be detailedly planned.

Specialists in the installation of lighting systems for large areas, we ensure the installation of the necessary infrastructure and equipment to properly illuminate them.

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Lighting for educational institutions

To ensure the well-being of students and teachers, the installation of an adequate lighting system is more than necessary.

Whether it is teaching rooms, laboratories, corridors, offices or courtyards, we take charge of projects to install lighting systems within these institutions from the project study to the implementation of dedicated infrastructure and equipment.





Automatic lighting by presence detection

For your industrial or professional buildings, we propose the installation of presence detection systems to automatically turn on the lighting once a movement has been detected. This system is particularly renowned for the energy savings it provides. In fact, the lighting is only lit in the presence of people avoiding any waste of energy.

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