Who are we?

A pioneer in home automation, Domelec is a Tunisian company specializing in new technologies.

With its mastery of all telecommunications, electronics, computer, and electricity technologies, it offers home automation equipment on the market:

The type of equipment in home automation includes both automatic doors and rolling shutters, security and remote monitoring systems, heating and energy management, watering and household and audiovisual equipment.


This type of equipment allows you t

o: Optimize your comfort

Save energy through automatic heating, air conditioning and lighting management and off-peak appliance programming.

Improve security with alarms.

In addition, these different technologies are a valuable aid for people with disabilities. 

Domelec is also present in the market of portal automation and access control.

Domelec has a “trusting capital” that it has generated by gaining the loyalty of installation professionals and design offices, thanks to the competence of its engineers, the quality of its products and the efficiency of its service.

For the sake of professionalism, Domelec ensures the control, monitoring of the installation, as well as the start-up of its products.

Whether you are professionals or individuals, we will be happy to welcome you, listen and fulfill your wishes.

With Domelec you live differently

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