Are you looking to install electrical pipes that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical?

Specializing in the installation of the Busbar electrical pipeline system, we take care of the study of your project, the acquisition of the necessary equipment and its installation in the best conditions.


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Canalisation électrique

The importance of the aesthetic aspect of the electrical pipe system

Modern factories and workspaces tend to be more and more aesthetically studied in order to ensure the well-being of the employee in his workstation. The electrical line is no exception to this trend. In fact, it has always been neglected when the plants were installed and then caused ergonomics and organisational problems.

What we are proposing is a low-spaced aesthetic solution with a modern look. In addition to their functional role, they add a touch of sobriety to professional spaces.



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Economical and flexible solution

Concerned about the various constraints, we offer flexible electrical pipes, easy installation and simple use. They also allow you to relocate machines and power sockets without having to reinstall. In fact, this type of installation can be added or modified without any interruption of the power supply. This is what makes this system ideal for companies looking for reliable, flexible and cost-effective solutions.




A long-life electrical pipeline

The longevity of electrical piping systems is one of the most important factors to consider. The type of pipeline we propose is known to be of a long life and by the fact that it does not require maintenance.

We offer pipes that can withstand corrosion and different conditions in your plants or premises.




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