Home automation: opt for a connected home

What’s home automation?

Home automation brings together all the specialties of automation, electricity, electronics, computing and telecommunications that aim to optimize home comfort by automating daily tasks. The home automation system centralizes the management of lighting, heating, air conditioning, doors and shutters in addition to video. With 12 years of experience at DOMELEC, our professionals are well trained to create a connected home that promotes your comfort and safety.

Éclairage intelligent

Économie d’énergie

Création des scénarios

Gestion à distance

Intelligent and adaptive lighting

Our professionals offer you an intelligent and adaptive lighting network that self-regulates according to your needs. In addition, you can centralize all the lighting controls and control them from a single interface.

This way you can program your lighting system to adapt to different times of the day. Finally, you can access the control panel of your lighting remotely.

Check the arrival of day and night

Control Light IntensityPr

ole Extinguish and IgnitionCom

mand lighting for all roomsInterfa

ce intelligent and scalable management

Save energy with home automation

We offer a home automation system that allows you to control your air conditioning and heating systems. You can also program them to avoid overconsumption by planning for your devices to shut down or trigger automatically.

By automating the rolling shutters, you will have the opportunity to save energy by avoiding thermal loss. The entire home automation system is designed to ensure your comfort and optimize your energy consumption.

Control your energy consumption

Schedule the use of your electrical appliances.

Avoid excessive consumption.

Adapt the operation of your devices to your needs.

Control your electrical appliances remotely.

Create and automate your daily scenarios

By opting for a custom home automation installation, you’ll be able to create automatic scenarios that make your day-to-day tasks easier. Our specialists provide you with custom-made facilities to meet your recurring needs.

You can program the operation of the shutters, the ignition of the lights and the operation of your electrical appliances according to your daily scenario: getting up in the morning, going to bed, preheating the bathroom, etc.

Save time by automating mundane tasks

Don’t get up at night to turn off the lights.

Automate the operation and shutdown of your electrical and appliance appliances.

Schedule your home to meet your needs.

Assist people with limited motor skills and make their daily lives easier.

Manage your entire home remotely

To give you more control over your home’s appliances, we’ll install home automation solutions that give you remote, real-time access. Through a mobile app, you can turn any device on or off in your connected home.

Plus, you’ll have instant access to your video surveillance system and whether you’re traveling, at work or anywhere. Just log on to the internet and use a specific mobile app.

For a connected and secure home

Connect to the internet and control your home remotely.

Have real-time visibility into your home.

Secure your children while being in another location.

Help your loved ones who are in trouble in real time.

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